Up Close & Personal | Adnan Gandhi

Adnan Gandhi one of Pakistan’s top fitness influencers talks exclusively to Mohtaram about his style and fitness routine, and how much he enjoys spending quality time with his son who is as stylish as his father.


  • What is your style mantra?
  • I dress the way I workout and manage my family life.  It’s personal to me, and the good materials are for my comfort for the busy life I lead.  If others like my choices then that’s a bonus, but I don’t tend to care for trends or to make statements. A good quality polo shirt that fits well looks good with jeans or khaki pants, whether it’s a dinner or just picking my son from school. I avoid blue jeans, and prefer dark coloured jeans or pants, paired with athletic fitting t-shirts or polo shirts.


  • How do you connect style and fitness?

    People should dress their bodies as their bodies change. No one can say they are comfortable in either loose or tight pants or a t-shirt because of a change in their body shape. I am lucky that my wife is in the fashion business and has great taste too, so I always have her double check my outfits to make sure nothing looks too tight or too loose.  Well-tailored and fitted clothes are very different to too tight, and I think as people become more aware of their body shape, through their fitness levels, they should dress that body appropriately. You can look stylish in a red polo and khaki pants, but not if that polo is too tight, or the pants too loose.

  • We have often seen you twinning with your son, is it coincidental or do you make a conscious effort?
  • A bit of both. The “twinning” tends to happen if we’re just doing some Father-Son only activity as I find it adds to his memory of the occasion. It tends to be the same kind of clothing choices, such as a polo and jeans combo or t-shirt and shorts combo that we both end up wearing.  Sometimes it just happens that we match down to the colour choices too, but that’s more so we can have some fun with our clothes. Him and I sometimes just go for lassi or pancakes on weekend mornings when the whole house is still asleep. On those days we twin our wardrobe often as it’s just him and me at 8am when most of Karachi is still asleep.  Just a fun memory for him to have to add to the occasion.


  • Does your son contribute with ideas when it comes to your style or does he let you take full control?
  • He always contributes when I am wearing a graphic t-shirt.  Most of the ones I currently wear have been bought in the past 1 or 2 years, so he knows nearly all of them as they were mainly bought with him in mind. A dinosaur, some animal design, or some t-shirt from a holiday we went on. I rely on the teams at Diesel and Paul Smith mainly to help me look good, but seeing the look on his face when I wear a t-shirt he likes adds to my comfort.

  • How would you define your work look and night-out look?
  • I can’t get away from being known as either a gym owner, endurance athlete, or an active person. Just because I can wear sneakers and dri-fit materials all day doesn’t mean I want to, or even should. My preference is quality materials and athletic cuts, without showing off or looking messy. During the day I dress in polos or plain cotton dress shirts, with jeans or khaki pants. Loafers with no socks are my preference, but sometimes I will wear non-athletic sneakers with shorts and t-shirts. At night my preference is always jeans and tailored shirts or polo shirts.

  • Do you have a style icon?
  • Sir Paul Smith and lately Shamoon Sultan

  • Why did you select the red polo shirt by Mohataram?
  • The polo shirt allows me to look casual and enter a more formal meeting environment without it seeming like I haven’t taken the meeting seriously.  The only caveat for me personally is that a polo shirt has to fit me very well. The sleeve length and athletic fit of the Mohataram polo shirt were just bonuses to the great colour and subtle styling.  So the choice was easy to make.

  • Define your style in 3 words
  • Subtle, clean, and athletic.

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