About Us

What began 8 years ago reluctantly as a college hobby was soon to become an obsession - a journey to redefine a 'Pakistani Man', a Mohtaram. A marketer by profession, a patriot by nature, and an aesthete connoisseur by choice, Fahad has always had a keen eye for art, style, music, poetry - and their sensory interplay. Mohtaram, for him, is simply all of them put together!

With a highly diverse experience in international business management, marketing, finance, business development and public relations with the biggest multinational organisations for almost a decade, Fahad continued nurturing his passion for fashion all these years. Despite making leaps in his professional career, he kept coming back to the idea of Mohtaram like a bad romance, and ultimately chose to take the 'dream' to its inception in 2015.
Before opening the doors of Mohtaram to the world, Fahad took years to carefully craft the vision of the brand, an ideology - the Mohtaram Way, as he dearly refers it to. Resultantly, In a brief period, he has guided the brand from strength to strength. From celebrity red-carpet looks to personal styling of the highest echelon of society, Mohtaram continues to receive valid endorsements across all channels and grow in all directions.

Mohtaram, for Fahad, has always stood for providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in our dream. From lifestyle advertisements to creating store(s) that encourage customers to participate in that lifestyle, Fahad's dream is to take Mohtaram beyond fashion - to be known as a way of life! And for him, in his words:
"The dream has just begun..."